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Imagine if Philadelphia were totally blacked out for a dozen hours daily, with no water or heat and no electricity or cellphone coverage. Imagine if high-rise apartment dwellers, including the elderly and moms with babies, had to lug water and food to upper floors because the elevators weren't working. Imagine if surgeons at local hospitals had to operate by generator, and cars had to drive in total darkness while pedestrians navigated by flashlight.

On the surface, the holiday retail season is off to a great start. Almost 200 million U.S. shoppers turned out in person and online from Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday, and holiday retail sales are expected to rise between 6% and 8% from last year to nearly $1 trillion. Amazon reported its most successful launch of a holiday shopping season ever.

While it may sound like a catchy title, I think there’s an opportunity to increase your returns without dramatically increasing risk just by paying closer attention to your bank statements. For years, interest rates have been close to record lows. Since the beginning of this year, rates have increased to the point where savings accounts are (finally) paying significantly more than checking accounts.


Listening to the bipartisan committee proceedings on the first day of summer was difficult. The committee heard from the Georgia Secretary of State and the Arizona speaker of the house who did their jobs by honoring the votes of their citizens against the pressure of Trump and his Allies to …

On behalf of the Lake Geneva Fire Bells, we would like to thank Linda Chironis for hosting the Fire Bells Fundraiser at Hogs and Kisses on Sept. 19 and donating 100 percent of the cost of the meal to the Fire Bells. Thanks also to Scoops for the donation of a very large scoop of ice cream wi…